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Dynamic Mounting DM-HH Hidden Handle

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Dynamic Mounting Authorised
Dynamic Mounting DM-HH Available 49.99
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Warranty : 1yr Manufacturer 14 Day Money Back
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Hidden Handle: Can be hidden, it also looks great visible. Assists in moving TV up and down.


  • 32" of total vertical travel from bottom position to top (up) position
  • 3.9" to 4.6" thick in bottom position, you can't tell the difference from a standard mount
  • Up to 7 degrees of adjustable tilt in the top (up) position
  • Perfect for flat or curved TVs up to 125 lbs
  • Optional swivel variant for even more adjustability. With vertical travel, tilt, and swivel, you have full control
  • Clears ledges, shelves, and other obstructions up to 16" deep - perfect for mounting under ledges, in cupboards, or within indented wall boxes.
  • Superior counterbalance design compensates perfectly for any TV weight up to 125 lbs! Set the counterbalance at the right position for your TV's weight and you'll be amazed how Easy it is to lift even the heaviest of TVs.
  • UL Certified
  • Auto-Lock Technology
  • Set-It and Forget-It Tilt
  • Easy Install
  • Post TV Install Leveling


  • Has 3 different Swivel Settings.
  • Fits most 40 inch and larger Flat Panel and Curved TVs, 20 to 125 lbs, (20-70 lbs for Single Stud). Check your television's weight and mounting hole pattern to ensure this mount will work.
  • For shorter TVs (40-48 inch), the mount may be taller than the TV, which could make the mount visible in the top position
  • VESA compliant: 170 wide x 100 high to 688 wide x 579 high (mm)
  • Paintable Covers and Black Caps for the lag screws come standard to help the mount blend in. Single Stud does not come with paintable covers since they are not needed
  • Swings around Shelves up to 16 inches deep
  • Comes with all the hardware needed to attach to 1 or 2 wood studs

Dynamic Mounting DM-HH Hidden Handle
Dynamic Mounting DM-HH Hidden Handle Shipping : FREE in Canada
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