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Dynamic Mounting DM-SP Flush Sound Bar Bracket

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A thin TV deserves a flush mount speaker. With our Flush Mount Soundbar Bracket you can quickly adjust the depth to as low as 2.5″ from back of TV to create a sleek, finished look. While other Speaker brackets sag from the weight of the speaker, ours has and adjustable tilt feature so you can position the speaker for the most effective sound angle. The bracket is specially designed to work with our Down and Out as well as Up and Over TV mounts to place the soundbar either above or below your TV.


  • The Speaker Bracket has a lot of adjustment to account for most TV-speaker combinations; it will take careful planning to find the best setup for you.
  • The Depth Support comes attached to the Horizontal Support for the most common TV hole spacing of 400mm. It may have to be moved for different hole spacing
  • We recommend assembling the Vertical Supports on the TV Hanger, and putting everything else on the speaker on the ground.
  • Assembly and Adjusting would be much easier with 2 people.
  • To be able to lift the TV mount by grabbing the speaker. The top of the speaker needs to be butted against the bottom of the TV.
  • Especially when attaching to a TearDrop Slot.

Attaching to Speaker

There are 2 options to attaching the speaker to the bracket;

  • The first and recommended if possible, is to use a Phillips head screw to thread directly into the back of the speaker. Use the #10 washer if it fits on the screw.
  • 2. The Second is to use the #6 screw in the TearDrop Slot. Thread the #6 screw into the #6 Flange Nut a little ways and then hang the speaker on it. Use the Hex Key supplied to attach the speaker to the bracket (turn the screw counterclockwise to tighten).

Rubber Bumpers

The mount comes with adhesive backed rubber bumpers that you can use to put between the TV and speaker

Using the Speaker to move the TV

  • When the speaker is below the TV, the handle does not work. You can use the speaker to move the TV though. To be able to lift the TV mount by grabbing the speaker, the top of the speaker needs to be butted against the bottom of the TV. Especially when using the Tear Drop Slot to prevent the speaker from sliding off the #6 screw.


  • Most depth adjustability (4.6 inches) of any speaker mount to give a flush look
  • Tilt Adjustment means your speaker will be pointed right where you want it
  • Sturdy all Steel Design holds speakers up to 40 lbs
  • Works with Soundbars or Speakers with 2 threaded holes or teardrop slots spaced between 5 and 31 inches apart
  • Comes with needed hardware to attach to mount and most speakers
  • Speaker shown in pictures is a 27 lb sound bar (43.25 W x 5.5 H x 5.25 D) with a 59in Plasma
  • Leaves easy access to plug in speaker cords

Dynamic Mounting DM-SP Flush Sound Bar Bracket
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