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Dynamic Mounting DM-UWS Ultra Wall Support Kit

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Our Ultra Wall Support Kit was designed to provide greater mounting flexibility when attaching any of our mounts to your wall. It works especially well in applications where only a single stud is available, or where non-standard stud spacing exists, for example, when the studs are spaced greater than 16 inches. For additional details, please review our Ultra Wall Support Manual.

Preparing Wall for TV Mount and Wall Support

  • The mount and Wall Support are designed to attach to 3 standard 2in x 4in or larger wall studs spaced
  • 16in apart. If the wall isn’t sturdy enough then more support will need to be added, consult an expert.
  • The mount and Wall Support must be securely fastened to a structure that can support 4 times the
  • total weight of the television and mount. Dynamic Mounting assumes no responsibility for damage
  • from an improperly installed mount.
  • To get the mount in the correct position for your use you will need to consult the TV mounts manual
  • and figure out where the TV mount should go before doing anything with the Wall Support.
  • To find out how the mount relates to the Wall Support you should do a test fitting on the ground.
  • Use a stud finder to find the center of the 3 studs
  • Mark where the 6 holes will be drilled, the distance between the top and bottom set of holes should be
  • 07 inches (8 inches is close enough), see Figure 1 for more details
  • Once you know your location pre-drill the 6 mounting holes 2.5in deep using the 1/4in drill bit.

Mounting TV Mount and Wall Support

  • There are 2 ways to mount the Wall Support:
    • The first way is to mount the Wall Support to the mount and then attach everything to the wall together.
    • The second way is to mount the Wall Support to the Wall and then attach the TV to it, when you do it this way be sure to put the 8 carriage bolts in the correct slots of the Wall Support before tightening it on the wall.
  • To attach the Wall Support to the mount, put the 8 3/8in carriage bolts through the back of the Wall Support and through the mount as shown in Figure 2. Screw everything together with the 3/8in washer, Bolt Cover Washer, and 3/8in Locknut. Use a 9/16in box or socket wrench to tighten everything together. Maybe only tighten 2 bolts at first in case the level needs to be adjusted.
  • Use the 6 3/8in lag bolts with 3/8inwashers and Bolt Cover Washer to attach the Wall Support and Mount to the wall. Tighten with a 9/16in box or socket wrench until the mount is firmly pressed against the wall. A friend makes this much easier. Do NOT over tighten.
  • When the TV mount overlaps a stud the lag screw needs to go through both the TV mount and the Wall Support
  • If you have a stud that is centered on the mount and cannot access because the main support arm of the mount is up (this situation is shown in Figure 1) the following is what you do.
    • First bolt everything else up to the wall, you should be able to get 5 of the 6 lag screws in.
    • Follow the directions in the "Adjusting the Counterbalance" section of the TV mount manual
    • so that the counterbalance block can be moved up all of the way up to get the minimum
    • counterbalance force.
    • Articulate the mount down so that the upper slot can be accessed.
    • Drill and put the lag screw in while holding down the mount.
  • Sometimes it may not be possible to get all 3 lag screws in the bottom row of the slots (this situation
  • is shown in Figure 3). The bottom set of lag screws do not see nearly as much force as the top set,
  • this means that using only 2 lag screws on the bottom will support the maximum load just fine. You
  • need all 3 lag screws on the top though; do NOT skip a lag screw on the top.
  • 14.When everything is tightened, press the Bolt Covers onto the Bolt Cover Washers, this will help the
  • fasteners blend in with the rest of the mount.


  • For use with : Down and Out Mount:
    • Down and Out Swivel Mount
    • Up and Over Mount
    • Up and Over Swivel Mount
  • Load Rated to work with Dynamic Mount at full load
  • Comes with necessary hardware to attach to mount and 3 studs
  • Sturdy all Steel Design load tested to 500 lbs

Dynamic Mounting DM-UWS Ultra Wall Support Kit
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