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FiiO K5 Pro Desktop High Performance DAC & Amplifier Combo

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A concert right at your desktop

With the K5 pro you can truly experience Erie realistic details and a roller coaster of emotions from your music. The K5 pro acts like a fridge, allowing your computer, speakers, and headphones to work together and transport you to a stunning concert hall right from your desktop.

Naturally gifted at decoding

The K5 pro, clock management is improved and overall decoding performance is excellent. This is due to the XOMS space XUF208 space USB decoding chip with an all-new clock matching management system, with unprecedented capabilities that supports decoding up to a sample rate of 768 kilohertz and hardware native DSD decoding.

Get truly faithful reproduction of music with coaxial / digital inputs

No matter what audio equipment do you use digital audio inherently has advantages in integrity and Fidelity of signals transmitted. The K5 pro allows you to take advantage of digital audio with optical and coaxial input supporting up to 192 kilohertz inputs, convenient for connecting various music players and digital interfaces.

Next generation back for unrivaled sound quality

The K5 pro achieves New heights in sound quality, thanks to the high-performance akm space AK 4493 dock with 32-bit processing and velvet sound technology, along with the x-mas USB decoding ship and the 768 kilohertz and dsdm foots. What the left and right audio channels being independently handled and fully differential audio output, the K5 pro has such a high level of resolution you will be hearing details you never noticed before.

Safe, secure, and robust external power supply

The K5 pro uses the DC 15V power supply designed to specifically minimize noise. The incoming DC power is filtered with a secondary power supply, which then independently supplies power to the amplification part of the audio circuit and the rest of the circuit. This effectively suppress his power supply ripple and minimizes power supply crosstalk between the two major sections of the circuit, for a more stable and less noisy power that is crucial for outstanding sound for such a precisely - designed high performance audio architecture.

Finely-textured all-aluminum body

The aluminum body is repeatedly polished with CNC and is then carefully finished with analyzing and fine sand blasting, for a smooth yet finally text Rochelle. The K5 pro is a compact robust unit that doesn't take up much space, perfect for your desk.


  • DAC CHIP: AK4493
  • USB DAC: 768K/32Bit,DSD512
  • Driving headphones with ease
  • Professional Audio Architecture: LPF+Voltage Amplification+Current Driving
  • Gain: High/Mid/Low
  • RGB Indicator: Blue/Green/Yellow
  • Input Ports: Coaxial/Optical/RCA
  • Output ports: 6.3mm/RCA
  • USB DAC Chip: XMOS XUF208


  • Headphphone Output: 6.3mm
  • Line Output: RCA output
  • Volume Control: ADC+ NJW1195A
  • Output Power: >1.65W(16Ω)/1.5W(32Ω)
  • THD+N: < 0.002%(1KHz 32 Ω)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~80KHz
  • Crosstalk >80dB(1KHz)[USB DAC]
  • SNR: >_120dB(A-Weighted)
  • GAIN: LOW:0dB MID:6dB HIGH:1-dB
  • COAXIAL/OPTICAL INPUT: 192kHz/176.4kHz 32bit

FiiO K5 Pro Desktop High Performance DAC & Amplifier Combo
FiiO K5 Pro Desktop High Performance DAC & Amplifier Combo Shipping : FREE in Canada
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