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HiFiMan Shangri La Sr System Electrostatic Headphone

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HiFiMan Shangri La Sr System  Special Order 64999
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To purchase now by phone, call toll-free 1 888 248 4969.

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The Ultimate Listening Experience

Elevating You To Your Own Transcendental Sonic Paradise.

Nanotech Driver

Less than 0.001mm

Delivers Lightning-Fast Response With Virtually Zero Distortion.

Nano-particle coated diaphragm providing an extreme high frequency response.

Hear All The Music

Extended Frequency Response from 7Hz to 120kHz

Custom Designed Amplifier

Featuring four of our custom designed, custom made, 300B Tubes as the warm beating heart which pumps the audio lifeblood of the SHANGRI-LA

The 300B Vacuum Tubes are the Finest Available to Ensure Perfect Transparency

The 300B tube works as the direct driving stage. There are neither capacitors nor transformers between the tubes and headphones, meaning the SHANGRI-LA might be the only audible system you can directly listen to 300B's heavenly spend

A Mystically Divine Experience Of The Entire Musical Spectrum

Transcend Your Aural Earthly Limitations

The distinct design of the SHANGRI-LA's relay-based attenuator has a 24 step level of volume control and utilises a total of 23 separate resistors. Every volume level being unique and independent. Mere noise gives way to a pure and heavenly reproduction of any harmony.

Advanced Industrial Design

Looks As Good As It Sounds

Lightweitght Ergonomic Design

Syperb Comfort For Extending Listening

Live Recording Reproduction

Technically and Functionally Outstanding


  • Frequency Response: 7Hz -120kHz
  • Bias Voltage: 550-650V
  • Headphone Weight: 13.20z (374g)
  • Amplifier Weight: 351b (16kg)
  • Dimensions: 17.32" x 18.11" x 13.39" (437.88458.9*335.8mm)

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The Shangri La Sr line by HiFiMan

To purchase now by phone, call toll-free 1 888 248 4969.

HiFiMan Shangri La Sr System Electrostatic Headphone
HiFiMan Shangri La Sr System Electrostatic Headphone Shipping : FREE in Canada
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