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SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System 4-Pack
[Isolation System 4]


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by Kevin F.
Date Added: 05/08/2020
Works very well! Less rattles in the room and my bass hits a lot cleaner and precisely.
by Andy M.
Date Added: 27/07/2020
I had to wait for 1 set to come in, but I had 1 PB 3000 with them already installed, there was less boominess. When I got the other feet installed on number 2 my doors stopped that aggravating rattling and things were not rattling upstairs near as much. I am very happy with the isolation feet. I have them on a laminate floor in basement
by Dany Poirier
Date Added: 25/05/2020
Wow!!! If you live in a town house like me or condo these are a must...i have dual pb 1000 and my wife can't hear it from outside...but i can feel it from inside...great peace of mind.
by James Boyer
Date Added: 09/04/2020
Work as described. Bass is less boomy and more natural. And the walls don't rattle as much. Good purchase.
by Yaroslav Dybach
Date Added: 05/04/2020
Significant improvement in sound compared to spikes. It really works.
by George Scerri
Date Added: 27/05/2019
They work great. Eliminated all the vibrations in surrounding rooms when playing movies.
by David Tran
Date Added: 11/01/2019
This product when placed underneath my sub-woofers (I have 3) makes a big difference in the sound quality - tighter bass with greater presence. Highly recommended for any sub; but especially on any flooring surface above basement level.
by Lyle Warbinek
Date Added: 11/12/2018
Really easy to install and love the rich bass sound that is now delivered from my SVS PB1000. Wine glasses in the cabinet do not seem to dance as much now when I watch a DVD.
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