Flexiti Payment Plan

EFLC Terms with Flexiti Purchases

Orders & Customers

Purchases with Flexiti payment may be delayed by up to 72 hours, past the advertised dispatch time shown on the product listing, while Flexiti clears payment through their payment gateway. Based on security data provided by our payment gateway, customers may be notified of a cancellation to encourage a reorder; on the other hand, in order to discourage fraudulent behavior we may choose to pursue further communication. Orders that do not clear will be cancelled and reversed within 72 hours. 


Flexiti orders may only be delivered to the address associated with your Flexiti account. It is not possible to add a gift address in the checkout. There are no exceptions. If you require delivery to a different address, please call Flexiti at 1-877-259-3745 to update your account before placing this order. Orders that are unable to comply with this will be cancelled and reversed within 72 hours.


The advertised dispatch time shown on the product listing may be delayed by up to 72 hours to allow for Flexiti to clear payment through their payment gateway. EFLC.ca cannot guarantee inventory stock if an order has not cleared with Flexiti at the time of the purchase. Products are only held on successful transactions.  If a product sells out, is delayed, or discontinued after an unsuccessful  purchase attempt, we will assist with securing the merchandise on a second order, but we can not guarantee that the inventory will be available.

Flexiti Financial Terms

O.A.C. Subject to terms of your Flexiti cardholder agreement. Admin fee applies (excluding Quebec residents) and will be financed with purchase. Admin fee for purchases up to $5,000 is $49.99 for 6 months, $59.88 for 12 months, and $95.76 for 24 months. For purchases over $5,000, admin fee ranges from $119.99 to $239.76, depending on purchase amount and length of promo period. For Quebec residents, annual fee of $39.99 applies. No interest will accrue during the promo period. Monthly payments include premiums for balance protection insurance, if applicable. If any payment is missed, the promo offer may be cancelled and upon cancellation, interest will be calculated at the cardholder agreement annual interest rate (AIR). Initial AIR is disclosed upon approval, varies based on cardholder’s creditworthiness at time of application and ranges between 30.49% and 35.90%. Any balance at end of promotional term bears interest at the AIR.

Updated: Jan 7. 2021 (edit of return policy)