Our Price Match Policy

We will NOT be undersold!  We will beat any price by 5%!

Yes! That means we'll not only match the price if you find a lower one, but we'll take off an additional 5%!

It takes seconds!

Most of our product listings have a "5% Price Guarantee' link in the price area. If you find a competitor online with a better price, simply fill out the price-match form, submit the competition's link and click to receive the discount. 

Our Price Match Policy

We will price match any qualified Canadian competitor by beating their advertised price by 5%.

The product price comparison must be based on the same brand and model as ours. Product must be current, brand new, dealer authorised and at least two dollars different. Product must be available at the competitor's price for at least 24 hours. Shipping and handling may be adjusted to match competition’s costs. May not apply to marketplace websites like ebay, newegg or amazon. Advertising errors will not be price matched. The competitor's product must be brand new, IN STOCK  and offered by an authorized Canadian dealer featuring the original Canadian manufacturer's warranty. Shipping & handling costs will be considered, based on the proximity of your delivery address.

Our Policy is WAY Better. Check it out:

Our price match policy is 5% of the PRICE, not the difference.  So if an item is $1000.00 on electronicsforless.ca and $950.00 somewhere else, we'll sell it to you for $902.50 (that's 5% OFF the competition's price and our original price has no influence on the money you save). Most box stores policies are 10% of 'the difference'; so by their policy, if they sell an item for $1000 and you find it for $950, they will sell it to you for $945 (since 10% of the $100 'difference' is only $5).  10% sounds GREAT, until you read the fine print.

While we try to respond to every price match request, they are at the sole discretion of and subject to approval by electronicsforless.ca.  One price match applicable per order.

Twenty Day Price Protection*

If an item that you purchased on our website drops in price1 within twenty days following your order, we will refuned2 you difference. 3 

* We will consider, but do not oblige ourselves to extend this price match offer on products that are discontinued, floor models, clearance, out-of-stock / special order / limited quantity products or end-of-line; also, products available on timed special / flash sale. In addition, consideration will be giving, but not guaranteed, to price match products offered by website domains ending with .ca that do not have physical retail presence in Canada or are headquartered outside of Canada.  This offer cannot be combined with, or claimed, with store credit or gift cards. 'Bundle&Save' offers are voided when price match is honored. Any advertising errors or misprints also do not apply. Advertised prices only.  Must be advertised for at least 24 hours. The price difference must be at least Five dollars ($5.00). One price match or price protection request allowed per product. Price matches will be considered but may not be applied to Flexiti Payment Plans post order.

1 Price Protection is not applicable with consideration to coupon/checkout code discounts, advertised or otherwise, whether digital or printed, or on our website or competitor's.
2 Price Protection refunds are applied to payment source or as credit.  The retail value of added bonus items and other free gifts will be deducted from price protection refunds, if applicable. 
3 Sale prices on Black Friday weekend, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Week do not qualify.

Shipping and handling costs will be considered based on the proximity of your delivery address.

UPDATED: October 16th, 2019.