Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refunds are only issued to orders that are returned with an assigned an RA number.  The refund will be issued when an RA process has completed. 

We Are Not a Retail Brick-and-Mortar Store

With traditional in-store refunds the evidence of the refund is immediate and unquestioned, since its done in person.  The product is returned in person, inspected on the sales floor and the card is swiped for the refund.   Although the hard-copy refund-receipt is tucked in the cardholder's pocket, the ACTUAL monetary refund can take up to seven days to reflect in the cardholder's account.  It is not instant like a purchase.  This is largely accepted since the consumer has confidence backed by the refund-receipt and the experience of the in-store refund process; however, if the cardholder was to check their credit card balance following the refund, they would not see the refund reflected for up to seven days.

For our online business, refunds are not immediately processed when they arrive back with a courier.  Returned products are identified, sorted and checked (sometimes after a few days) in sequence with other returns. Typically, the actual credit card refund is processed around seven days following inspection of the returns as we process refunds once a week with our accounts officer. Following our refund, the credit card may take up to seven days to deposit the refund back on the cardholder's card.  The entire process is normally completed within a week to ten days; nevertheless, funds may take over a month following the time that we received the returned order.

If there are complications with a return that go against our return polices (like product use, package damage, wrong product sent back, etc.) this process can take longer since a restocking fee needs to be addressed following an investigation.

We ask our customers for patience while a refund is processed as there are many things that take place before a refund shows in the cardholder's account and the process is very different to the traditional return process in a retail store.

SVS Subwoofers

SVS subwoofers are non-refundable but are available for exchange or upgrade when returned for any product that is sold on our website. SVS subwoofers are backed by the SVS Bill of Rights.

Credit Card Chargeback and Dispute Policy

If a chargeback dispute is threatened or filed with a credit card company, we are unable to assist you with your refund. Once the dispute is in process or we have been given reason to believe this, the account will no longer be in our hands, and we will be unable to help you.  We please ask consumers to hold off from filing a dispute. Refunds take time. 

Please only file with the credit card company if you're not willing to work with us.

Third Party Dispute Policy

Our return policies and cancellation policies are clearly listed on the website, in our help pages, and directly on our product listings.  These policies form part of the website terms and condition; so by making a purchase from our website, or by calling and ordering over the phone, we assume that the customer has reviewed and understands these policies as they are clearly marked.

Returns Refund/Exchange Disputes If a shopper collaborates with any third party dispute resolution or payment provider, we will halt the RMA completely, until the dispute has been resolved or lifted. 

Cancellations Refund Disputes If a shopper collaborates with any third party dispute resolution or payment provider, we will halt the RMA completely, until the dispute has been resolved or lifted. 

Third Party Dispute Communication Policy

Third party resolution. If a shopper feels the need to use a third party to resolve a dispute, our customer service team will not answer communication directly with the customer.  This is because the customer has decided to not work with EFLC directly and amicably, with the policies listed herein.

Constant emailing or calling.   We answer all questions and if new information is made available, we will always reach out to our customer. If a shopper feels the need to call time after time for an extended period, we may pass on the phone call since we have many customers that legitimately need help. Similarly, if a shopper emails repeatedly about the same issue, when an answer has already been provided, we will not continue to provide the same answer; incoming emails will be archived immediately. 

Our customer service team does not have the capacity to individually block phone calls or phone numbers, but our telephone service provider may do this based on spam rules.  We do apologize if this has been done in error and ask for a one hour period to pass before attempting to call again.

NOTE: If you paid in cash or more than $250 by cheque or by a debit card without a major credit card logo or Paypal, we will refund you by check within 10 business days. Any amounts deducted from a digital credit (i.e. gift card) will be credited to your customer account. 

Updated May 21 2021