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USA & International Shipping

Do you ship to... ? ships within USA (lower 48 states). We do not include shipments outside of the 48 contiguous states; more specifically, Hawaii and Alaska when quoting shipping costs to the USA. does not fulfill international orders outside of continental USA or Canada through our website shopping cart; however, we have shipped items all over the world from our Canadian location. If you are interested in a product but you live outside of North America, please contact us.

Orders placed from computers outside of continental North America (determined by IP address) will not be shipped. If a customer wishes to place an order as such for delivery within our shipping boundaries, please contact us prior to placing the order.

US Customs Fees and Time Delays

We are obligated by law to include the correct costs on all paperwork traveling over the border and therefore maintain no responsibility for fees, if any, charged by US customs. These fees, if any, are not included in fixed S/H charges, nor quotes provided by us.

In rare occurrences, products are held by US customs.  We provide support directly to the courier service, but can not expedite products that are being held by customs.  Although most orders are completed without incident, we cannot guarantee delivery time for our US customers.