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Pandemic Shipping Delays

Continuing Impact of the Pandemic

We are aware that its taking longer than expected for some orders to be delivered; orders are shipped when we emailed the shipping confirmation but once dispatched, we can not alter or add special service to a delivery. Due to the continuing impact from the pandemic, there are currently unavoidable ramifications on all shipping services; locally, Nationally and worldwide. Our staff is trying their best to minimize the impact on any and all shipments.

Peak season demand beyond projections

What we are seeing now is the full impact of the changes Canadians are making in response to safety and travel restrictions. Canadians are not only shopping online in record numbers for gifts and everyday items, we’ve seen a huge influx of customers at shipping dispatch centers (post offices, UPS stores, etc.) shipping gifts to replace their traditional holiday visits. We understand the importance of every order.

The result has been an unprecedented demand on our network as we maintain safety measures at each step of the process. Even with processing and delivery moving well with additional resources, there is a limit to what can be safely processed and delivered by individual shipping services.

Individual shipping service statements