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Shipping Address Protection Policy

We understand this can be an inconvenience, currently this is our best means of protecting you from a third party using your stolen credit card information.

Please read carefully.

Your order will require more processing time (5-7 days) and must go through our Anti-Fraud Address Verification System if you are shipping to an address other than you billing address or if the billing address response from your credit card comes back as a "No Match" for what the bank has on file for you.

Double check your billing address!

BILLING INFORMATION We strongly recommend you enter your address as it appears on your credit card statement. If you still are not sure of what your billing address is, call your credit cards issuing bank with the number provided on the back of your credit card. Now you are done.


Here is what you must do.

Make sure your Credit Card Issuer has your alternate "Ship To" address on file. We strongly recommend you call your credit cards issuing bank first to make sure you could add a secondary ship to address to your account or make special notes on your account of an approved alternate ship to address.